"We are all put on this earth for a reason, and that's to be the best YOU!" 

-Mark Minard-


Being in jail at age 17, Mark learned to elevate above the circumstances, owner/founder, CEO of Dreamshine, changing lives for individual's with special needs since 2007, #1 Best Selling Author, Host of iTunes Top 100, Elevating Beyond Podcast, Mark brings 13  years + of real, raw, in the trenches experience of winning in your business, in your leadership, your finances, challenging you in all areas of life to go to the next level, and beyond!


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Mark Minard is a husband, and father of 5. He is the Owner and Founder of Dreamshine, which proudly serves individuals with special needs. He’s the Owner & Host of Elevating Beyond Podcast . He’s also the best selling author of, The Story of YOU, Transforming Adversity Into Adventure, Taking You Dreams To The Next Level & Beyond! He’s just an ordinary dude, with an extraordinary faith, believing all things are possible.

Dreamshine was Founded in 2007 by Amy and Mark Minard, a brother and sister team.

The vision was born out of a passion for creating and maintaining an amazing program and beautiful environment based upon creating incredible options for each individual with developmental disabilities, & most important...to have fun!!!!


Changing Lives For Special Needs

Keynote Speaker

Where experience meets motivation, adding a little flavor of humor, Mark Minard's dynamic speaking will elevate you, your company, your team, your leadership, to the next level and beyond! 

From jail at age 17, to CEO at age 26, #1 best selling author, Mark Minard, has built his company to a multi million dollar company over the past 12 years +

Elevating Beyond Podcast

2 Million downloads and counting, Elevating Beyond Podcast is all about sharing the unbelievable story behind the story of what it takes to overcome adversity, and become massively successful. 

Elevating Beyond brings you powerful stories from real life. Sometimes it’s about hitting rock bottom, and sometimes it’s about finding the grit and courage to thrive, but it’s always honest, raw, and authentic.

Be inspired and find your own reason to Elevate, to the Next Level & Beyond!


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