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You Suck At Being Vulnerable: The Power of Unity

No matter what you’ve learned in this book so far, you’ll fall into the trap so many leaders, owners and influencers have.

Many times we think we always have to be right, or that we should never admit when we’re wrong. We must act like our life is perfect outside of work.

Like we’re superhuman.

This is your ego talking. Get rid of that freakin ego.

Learn to be vulnerable—and confident. Always hold yourself accountable, and never be afraid to share your struggles with your team members. Let me explain this more in depth.

I’ve learned to over-communicate instead of under-communicate with my team. This is what builds unity.

If you think this makes you look weak, you’re allowing your ego to control you, and this is what prevents unity.

The power of unity is immeasurable. It’s unstoppable!

Once I sucked at being vulnerable, but now I’m the most open, honest, vulnerable leader that most of my team members have ever seen, they tell me. It’s a lifelong process.

I’m still always learning and still always growing. I’ve gotten so much better. I quickly admit when I’m wrong, and I always hold myself accountable when we get off track. And when my team sees this, it builds our culture to be even more unstoppable.

As I was saying before, I have a great example of how having the courage to be vulnerable and accountable as a leader trickles down and impacts the entire team.

Wins and Losses: You Start First

It takes courage to be vulnerable.

It takes courage to look risky and foolish, but that’s what leadership is all about. This is what led to our monthly Dream Team meetings about seven years ago. I’ll never forget those first few.

With transportation and such, everyone is all over the place, so we had to hold the meetings after hours and pay overtime.

My sister, a co-owner at the time, wasn’t on board, but I begged her to give me a shot.

So I asked the team if we could start sharing our wins and our losses of the month.

They could be related to Dreamshine, or it could be personal. We didn’t force anyone to share. I had to start. (Like I’ve written, you, as the leader must go first.

You have to risk looking stupid. You have to risk looking foolish.) I stood up and was as vulnerable as I could be... (You Want To Keep Reading, Buy The Freakin Book :-)

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In the meantime, enjoy these Truth Bombs💥💣 From Chapter 9 You Suck At Being Vulnerable: The Power of Unity

● Encouraging others while doubting yourself doesn’t make you fake. It makes you a leader.

● Being vulnerable with your team shows strength and builds unity.

● When you’re not vulnerable, you can and will come off as unapproachable to your team.

● Vulnerability builds unity, which creates the powerful force of momentum, making your business and your team unstoppable.


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