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You Need to Fire Employees for Gossiping + Losing Your Ego ... Create Healthy Organizational Culture

At my company, Dreamshine, we simply won't condone any policy or behavior that enables gossip, rather than eliminating it.

Mark sits down with down with BELAY Co-CEOs, Bryan and Shannon Miles, as they explain why they also adopted a no gossip policy and how that has fostered a healthy work environment for their growing team (check out the video -to the right- and listen as Mark, Bryan and Shannon discuss no-gossip policies within their organizations and why healthy leadership is critical to guiding an organization to success.

Building their company, Belay, from the ground up, surpassing 900 employees in just 9 years, all working from home serving 1,400+ clients, Bryan and Shannon know a thing or two about leadership. Check out the full podcast (below) and learn more about how it is up to the leaders of the organization to develop healthy organizational culture and lead by example, even if that means checking your ego.

View Full Interview - OR - Listen to Full Interview (links below).

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Please let me know any comments, questions, or if you want more information about our no-gossip policy...or just say hey! We're happy to engage in great conversation.

Never Settle, & Keep Elevating Beyond!

- Mark Minard -

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